Building Smarter Towns!
With the pressure of doing MORE with LESS, Nicholas St Jon has become the answer to Small Cities' and Small Towns' prayers.
While NEEDING to Automate everything from Pet Licenses to the Building Permits process, small towns and cities CAN'T afford the OUTRAGEOUS expenses of hiring a firm to automate these processes.
Even a mid-sized city like Wichita would choke on the $900,000 and 10 month programming expenses for Building Permits seen in San Jose, California or the $10 Million 10 Year project for the State of Oregon.

The Return On Investment (ROI) stretches into Decades, not just a few years.

Nicholas St Jon and his company We Do That! Technologies has not just "an" answer, but "THE" answer. Having developed a backend server-side technology called FormDriver, it functions much like a Printer Driver does for printers, but it does the same with DATA, all kinds of DATA.
And he's not just a flash in the pan, having developed dozens of systems for
  • NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, Ca
  • Gillette
  • Mattel
  • Disney
  • City of Los Angeles
  • United Way Los Angeles
  • Florida Conference United Methodist Churches
  • City of San Luis Obispo
  • Broker Forms Made Easy for the Insurance Industry
  • myPatient Narratives for the Chiropractic Industry
  • Coin Op Manager for the Laundromat Industry
  • and many others over the past 14 years

The Work Order Module went LIVE on Feb 1st, 2012.
Public Works departments in small towns have their hands very full, with everything from reading water meters, fixing and replacing water meters, maintaining drainage and sewer systems, mowing parks, pothole repairs, and a whole host of other daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance processes that all need to be managed.
With the KSePermits Work Order Module, you will be able to generate Work Orders, track processing time and materials, schedule Recurring Maintenace Orders, generate statistics from the system to present to your City Council to show Public Works amount of work being done and costs.
Rose Hill, Kansas has been on the system now for 2 years.
Nicholas has decided to re-focus his business to help the Small Towns starting in the State of Kansas and states in the Mid-West. The FormDriver Technology was developed for RAPID DEVELOPMENT/RAPID DEPLOYMENT and is IDEAL for small towns, cities, and counties.

Let us know what YOU need most and I GUARANTEE it will be build quickly, efficiently, and with features you've ONLY dreamed of.

The Swimming Pool Module went LIVE on May 1st, 2011.
Overview Video
The Dog and Cat Licensing Module went LIVE on December 18th, 2010. Overview Video

Dog and Cat Licensing is now a SNAP with the KSePermits Dog and Cats Module.
  • No printing and storage costs
  • No hand written Licenses
  • Once in the system, seconds to create new License
  • Police and City Hall lookup by Tag Number, Owner
  • Late Notification letters take minutes instead of hours
  • Automatic Fee calculations based on city specific parameters

Each City or County can have an account that will give them access to the systems as they come On-Line. Each system will have a small fee associated with its use, some with small annual fees that will be explained with each system as they are made available. The ROI will be weeks or months, NOT the years or decades being proposed by my competitors. It will almost feel like I'm 'GIVING" it away!

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